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Optima Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd is a provider of cutting-edge technologies in the feed additives and animal health sector.

Feed Additives

Our Feed Additives take complete Care of the nutritional quality of a feed which depends on various factors, including feed presentation, microbial contamination, content of antinutritional factors, digestibility, palatability, and intestinal healthfulness.


Optima Life Sciences is provides quality disinfectants that are crucial in order to prevent Marek’s disease, mycoplasma, respiratory viruses, E.coli, mites, and other poultry health problems. Even more important is the control of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE), especially in laying hens.

Dosing Systems

Optima introduces extensive range of high performance liquid dosing system having highest quality standards which is extensively used in poultry feed process industry where reliability, accuracy and long term performance are essential.

Our Products

Why Choose Optima

We consider the source and quality of our ingredients to ensure the highest level of consistency, quality, and potency in every bag.
We know that great ingredients are not enough. We have been passionate about developing formulations that would keep your animals in optimum shape, while keeping them coming back for more.
We use only the highest quality ingredients in our poultry feeds, and avoid fiber by-products and cheap fillers. Quality proteins are digested and absorbed more efficiently, potentially reducing your feeding costs.
We work with some of the best vendors in the industry to ensure that our products provide you with the consistency you need, and the quality you deserve. We carefully sample all of our products regularly to ensure specific standards are met.

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